Saturday, 4/26/14

To add to the fishing report, e-mail your information and pictures to info@twstackle located at the bottom right of the front page of TW’s web site.

It was quite a storm. Hard rains and big wind. Tornados all around us. Major damage to our neighbors. We have a beautiful day on the Outer Banks. The water temp is 50 degrees and the wind is NW at 13 kts. A day to go fishing, but you will have grassy conditions.
Blow toads are what the piers are catching.
Fishing was good south of us yesterday. The Point had a large number of big Drum caught. Eric Bregman caught 3 citations. One was 43.5 in length and 27 in girth. Jim Clark caught Drum, Trout and Skates at the inlet. He sent pictures of all, but I had to use the Skate picture. They are such an aggravating fish. Just a reminder. Trout are unlawful to keep. You don’t want to get nailed with a fine for a species violation.

bregman 4

bregman 2


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