Saturday, 5/3/14


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Pirates Cove and Oregon Inlets fleet caught plenty of Yellowfin yesterday. They had a good catch of Dolphin and a Mako. Big-eye Tuna also made a showing.
Fishing was a little better on the south beaches. Buxton & Frisco had plenty of Bluefish. Avon reported a variety of fish. Anglers caught Sea Mullet, Spot, Croakers and Blow toads. It is slow on this side of the bridge due to the lack of fishermen.
Little Bridge has a ton of fishermen but not catching.
Obx pier reported Spot, Croaker and Sea Mullet. Avalon and Nags Head have small Sea Mullet. Jennette’s Pier is decking Sea Mullet and Spot. Everyone has their share of Skate.
We have more pictures of Turkey hunters this morning. Roxanne Dorman bagged a 15.5 pounder. Roxanne brings one in every year as far back as I can remember. Brooks Keith from Poplar Branch also has a nice Gobbler.
We have N wind at 3 and the water temp is 50 degrees.

Roxanne Dorman

Brooks Keith