Thursday, 9/25/14

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Surf Fishing Report:
We have NW wind this morning at 6 kts. Winds are down this morning, we still have rough water. The water temp is 72 degrees. The water is full of grass.
Chris Joseph has already beached a Drum in Nags Head this morning. The early bird can catch the Drum. Mike Douty, Jim Layne and picture taker from Salem, Ohio caught their Drum on the 23rd. Their bait was cut mullet. Nice Drum! Bryon Ellis was kayak fishing at Oregon Inlet creek/marsh and caught a 16 in keeper Flounder.
Love getting news and pictures. Keep em coming. It is going to be great fall fishing.

Sound Fishing Report:
The Little Bridge on the Nags Head/Manteo causeway reported slow.

Pier Fishing Report:
Avalon: Caught Drum in the wee hrs. Now catching Spot.
Nags Head: Drum.
Jennette’s: Caught one 40 in Drum.
Outer Banks: Drum from the wash.

Inshore Boats/Nearshore Report:
No report.
Offshore Boats Report:
No Report.

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Chris Joseph1

mike & jim

brian ellis


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