Saturday, 11/22/14

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Yesterday was not a good Drum day. There were a few small ones caught. Duane Woodfin, Jimmie and Nikki caught their Drum the day before. The largest was 25 inches. It’s the time of the year I hear from the Elizabeth River, hot ditch fishermen. Josh Brothers caught some nice Specks.
A couple of people are fishing the Piers this morning. Really slow.
Our Thanksgiving Recreational fishermen will be arriving this week for the Holidays. You should pick up a Coastal Waters guide for Sports Fishermen from our tackle shop. You can also go on the Division of Marine Fisheries web site for information.
You don’t want to get nailed with a fine for a species violation.
The wind is NW at 6 this morning and the water temp is 54 degrees.

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Josh Brothers1

Josh Brothers

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