Saturday, March 14th, 2015

In Summary:

It’s a rainy morning here on the Outer Banks with temperatures reaching in the lower 60’s. According to the forecast, it looks like it’s going to remain overcast all day with showers periodically. If you were wondering, fish do feed in the rain and some of my best fishing I’ve ever had was when it was pouring. Even with the conditions like they are, many people are putting in their time this morning so we shall see what they uncover. The water temperature this morning at Duck Research Pier is 41 degrees. It’s great to see the water temperature slowly rising over the past week because that means spring is almost in full swing! Get out there today and see what you can do. We want your pictures to brag!

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Surf Fishing Report:

On the Northern Beaches this morning we have been getting reports of Dogfish and Skates. A lot of the local guys that spend many hours on the beach this time of year patiently waiting for the first Puppy Drum or Trout bites are saying that it’s any cast now. They can feel them coming! Down south towards Buxton/Frisco/Ocracoke way, the drum fishing continues to be pretty durn good! There has also been talk of a few big drum cruising around the Point!

Sound Fishing Report:
Still no reports of the Puppy Drum or Trout showing up quite yet. Any day, anyyyy day!
Pier Fishing Report:
Avalon: Closed

Nags Head: Closed

Jennette’s: Few Dogfish and Skates

Outer Banks: Closed

Inshore Boats Report:
As of now, not many inshore charters or private boats have been fishing because of the water temperature. Same case with the previous reports, it could happen any day!

Offshore Boats Report
Not much to report from yesterday but the Bluefin guys are back at it today so hopefully the docks are filled with Tunas this evening. Pretty day to be out there!

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