Saturday, 1/13/18

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In Summary:

Fishing Report:
Friday was a soggy day. Constant hard rain and wind from morning to night. I have no fishing news this morning. I am told the weather is going to turn frigid cold again this week.
There have been Seal sightings. Brad Howard sent a picture taken at ramp 4. Seals stop in occasionally on the Outer Banks to take a snooze and rest. The National fisheries Service Marine Mammal Network tells us stay a certain distance, watch to see if they are hurt and let them enjoy the beach without any aggravation. . Humans are not to feed or come within 50 yards of them. Seals are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

The winds are SW at 13 and the water temp is 45 degrees. Sunny, clean surf, the surfers are out this morning.

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