Saturday, 3/10/18

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In Summary:

Fishing Report:
The weather weekend forecast is dreary. There is lots of wood floating in the surf this morning. There are some beach combers out today. Lots of conk shells have been found in the Kitty Hawk area. Beach glass usually follows some days later after a storm. The time changes today, thank goodness. Jennette’s pier caught Dogfish yesterday. The big news is the Island that appeared last year off the coast of Hatteras and named Shelly Island has now disappeared.
I received some nice e-mails thanking me for keeping everyone up to date on the conditions of the Outer Banks doing the storm. It is always nice to hear from the readers.

The winds are E at 9 and the water temp is 43 degrees. Overcast, cold, minor choppy swell, variable winds.

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