Wednesday, 8/22/18

In Summary:
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Surf Fishing Report:
There have been some rough storms the last couple of days, they come up quick, rain hard, blow the trash cans around and leave just as quick. Despite the rains surf fishing picked up some yesterday. Ramp 38 had Pompano, Sea Mullet, Spanish and Bluefish. Avon had the same and Buxton caught Spanish and Bluefish. There are Sea Mullet, Croaker, small Bluefish and Spot north of the inlet.

Sound Fishing Report:
The Little Bridge on the Nags Head/Manteo causeway reported Stripers, Croaker, Spot, Trout and a 17 in Flounder.

Pier Fishing Report:
Avalon: Croaker and Bluefish.
Nags Head: No Contact.
Jennette’s: Bluefish, Triggers, Spot, Sea Mullet and Pigfish.
Outer Banks: Sea Mullet and Blues.

Inshore Boats/nearshore Report:
Nearshore caught Albacore, Mahi, and the trolling boats Spanish and Bluefish. Throwback Drum as well. Sheepshead and Stripers around the Bridge pilings.

Offshore Boats Report:
Despite Ocean is still a problem and there are storms off and on all day the blue water charters do well. There were catches of Blackfin, Yellowfin, plenty Tilefish and 2 white Marlin releases.

The winds are SW at 15 and the water temp is 66 degrees. Partly sunny, windy, small swells.

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