Thursday, 1/24/19

In Summary:
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Surf Fishing Report:
It is an ugly day on this sandbar. Gusting winds and hard rains with a cold front coming through tonight with high surf.
There was news this week about the crews from the U.S. Coast Guard Oregon Inlet Station helped free a vessel that had run aground on a shoal.
That’s a reminder to all of us despite the Government shutdown the Coast Guard is still standing watch and still going out to save lives even though they are not being paid. They aren’t funded like the other branches of the Military. They are under Dept of Homeland Security. There are a number of groups that have stepped up to help feed and set up food pantries in areas that have Coast Guard Stations. Something else to throw out there. The stations have reworked the guys schedule so they can find part time work. It is the slow season but if you know someone needs some motivated, trustworthy part timer pass the word.

The winds are S at 27 and the water temp is 45 degrees. Raining, strong winds, rough Ocean.

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