Friday, 4/12/19

In Summary:
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Fishing Report:
Maybe Spring has finally sprung. The weather and the fishing have improved.
There have been a few Trout caught on this side of the bridge. Matt Lusk caught a 31 # Striper on his Trout rod. That had to be fun. He weighed it in at TW’s. It did not have to be tagged because it was caught before May the 1st.
Sea Mullet and  Blow toads were caught at the Cape, Ramp 43 and Ramp 48. Drum were reported at the Cape and Ramp 55.  Ramp 43 anglers also had some Bluefish.
The offshore fleet brought home some Yellowfin and Mahi. An inshore boat decked some Trout.
Piers are catching some Shad, Sea Mullet and Puffers. Water has muddied up with this SE wind.

The winds are SE at 12 and the water temp is 5 degrees. Mostly Sunny, breezy, small weak swells.

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