Friday, 4/19/19

In Summary:
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Fishing Report:
Sorry I am late today. The internet has been out off and on. The last 2 days. When I got up this morning it was gone again so I bugged out to the grocery store. It is 11:15. So let’s see what happened yesterday on the fishing front.
The offshore fleet stayed home because of high winds and it did blow all day.
Early morning anglers caught citation Drum. More Sea Mullet at 43 and 48. Fish were caught at the Jetties but I don’t have the species.
There have been scattered Trout, Sea Mullet and Puffers on this side of the bridge.
The piers are slow today. Avalon had a few Trout and Sea Mullet early. Now they have Skates. Jennette’s have Shad, Sea Mullet. OBX catching Sea Mullet and Blow toads.
The wind has already much increased since early morning. There are threats of heavy rain; wind gust exceeding 50 mph. Surf heights are expected to peak at 7 to 10 ft Saturday.
Good number of people on the beach this morning.
There were too bad car crashes in Currituck yesterday on hwy 168. There is more traffic than usual. It is a Holiday so take extra precaution. I have heard but not confirmed it was the reason for our internet problems.
I have pictures from Thursday of fish caught. I will add them to tomorrow’s fishing report.

The winds are S at 26 and the water temp is 53 degrees. Sunny, high winds, rough ocean.

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