Tuesday, 4/30/19

In Summary:
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Fishing Report:
The nippy winds we had yesterday slowed the fishing down. Bluefish, Sea Mullet and Skates were scattered on the south beaches and north of the Inlet there were some Bluefish and Trout reported.
The Fleet stayed in the creek
The little Bridge is catching Trout and Stripers.
Jennette’s Pier is catching Trout and Puffers and OBX is catching small Trout. No contact with Avalon.

The winds are SW at 11 and the water temp is 59 degrees. Sunny, breezy, small weak swell.

To all my faithful readers I am sorry I am late with the fishing report every morning. I had a bit of an accident on Thursday and I have not bounced back as quickly as I had hoped. It probably will be late for a few more days.

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