Wednesday, 4/8/20

In Summary:
Send all questions and pictures to

Fishing Report:
A beautiful day on this sand bar.
I have no beach report today. I have some news from the sound.
As you know TW’s tackle offered free bait this weekend. That was a good move and there was lots of feedback. I was wishing for more pictures.
Jennie Thomas’s daughter caught catfish. Jennies e-mail said this. I only took one pack of the fish because there were only three left; I was grabbing it for my kids and didn’t want another kid to not have bait. My kids have had to stay home because of the current situation and the opportunity to fish yesterday was great for them. I wanted to say thank you and share my daughters catch. Unfortunately I did not get the daughters name.
Justin Manners caught his bag limit of Trout by 8:30 and he also sent an early morning picture of the sound. What a wonderful feeling that must be to be on the water at that time.
I have not heard from him in a while but Andrew Gluba sent a picture of one of the catfish he caught fishing Bebop’s pier. The catfish had parasites. Gross.

The winds are W at 19 and the water temp is 63 degrees water surface. Sunny, breezy, calm, flat Ocean.

Click on picture to enlarge.


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