Monday, 5/18/20

In Summary:
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Fishing Report:
It is a dismal morning. After you have had all the coffee you can stand and have read the fishing report then you go to browse TW’s tackle and see all the goodies that is sitting around on the floor. Like the boots that I need so badly.
It was a spectacular day on the water once more with coolers full of Dolphin, Yellowfin, some Blackfin and even a couple of Big-eyes. Nearshore saw plenty Cobia action and the Spanish catches is getting better everyday. Trout fishing continues to be good in the sounds.
Surf fishing news was a little scarce for Sunday, on the Island there were Pompano, Sea Mullet and still some Trout. I heard there were a couple of Cobia caught at the point. Don’t know if they were keepers. Sea Mullet and Bluefish on the north beaches.

I have a good amount of pictures of fish that were caught Sunday. Will add on fishing report tomorrow.

The winds are NE at 17 and the water temp is 64 degrees. Rain, storms, windy, winds, rough surf.

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