Wednesday, 6/17/20

In Summary:
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Surf Fishing Report:
We have sun this morning. That was an instant feel good. Yesterday was a tough day. The one piece of news I have this morning is Rick Hall catching the 35 inch Drum from the surf in Rodanthe. Click on the picture and get a look at the Ocean he caught the fish in. It had to be a struggle. Thanks for the picture.
There were some Inlet boats and nearshore boats that braved the elements and other than getting wet they managed to come in with Spanish, Bluefish, Sea mullet Drum and Sheepshead around the bridge. The inshore reported Drum and Trout.
The Little Bridge is catching Trout this morning.
Avalon, skates and a Sea Mullet. Nothing from the other piers this morning and I talked to all of them. A couple of them have some grass and of course the water is so muddy.

The winds are NE at 21 and the water temp is 68 degrees. Partly sunny, showers and thunder storms, high winds, large sloppy swells.

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