Though many of our online followers have received a status update on why our daily reports had been paused, we understand many of our online followers are not actively on Facebook or are not active followers of our page. Over the last few weeks, we have brought back our daily reports to our Facebook page and will soon have this content recurring on our Website as well as the website of Outer Banks this Week.

We apologize for the delayed response to so many of you that have been disappointed by the lack of updates you are so accustomed to. As you’ll see below in our notification via Facebook, this was not an easy decision but certainly the right one. We are happy to be back with providing daily reports and appreciate the patience from all of our patrons.

Please the below for the announcement provided on April 11th:

“Like many businesses across the nation and particularly those in travel destination spots, we too have encountered the challenges from the fallout of COVID-19 during the prior twelve months. Though supply chains have been a major impact to most all of us, it’s the direct and indirect impacts to our TW’s staff that has been most difficult to watch.

As a result, we’ve chosen to do without certain services to be sensitive to each individuals situation; operating hours, annual oyster roast but particularly fishing reports. Over the course of the last few months, we have received numerous emails expressing gratitude and best wishes to see the reports be started back up and become a daily source of enjoyment for both our local community and the many travelers alike living hundreds of miles away seeking to keep a pulse on how our fishing community is doing.

Beginning Mid-May we will have a well-known local fisherwoman returning to work full-time; bringing back the stability of daily insights that have been greatly missed. In the interim, the combined efforts of Hampton Sylvia and Kaleb Keeton will provide weekly report updates.

From all of our staff at both Nags Head and Kitty Hawk locations, we’d like to thank you for your patience and long loyalty as customers, friends, and fellow fisherman.”

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