TW’s Daily Fishing Report

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Winter time on the Outer Banks brings seal pups to the beaches. They often come ashore to rest. 

Please keep your distance if you happen across one on your morning walks and or drives. 

Surf Fishing Report:

There were a few puppy drum caught off the beaches of Frisco and Hatteras over the weekend. Bait of choice being jig heads and soft plastic as well as mullet. There were also dogfish and Skate caught.

Inshore Fishing Report:

There has been some reports of puppy drum being caught more inland.

Offshore Fishing Report:

There were a few offshore boats going out and coming back with blue fin tuna.

Tides:   A.M.      P.M.

 High:   11:57      —-

 Low:     6:08     6:12

Water Temperatures:

Ocean – 44

Sound – 41


NW 10-15

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